What do I need to take driving lessons? 

Everyone must have a valid learner’s permit to take lessons.

What documents do I need to bring for the exam?

Your learner’s permit, any type of photo ID, ( School ID, Work ID, Passport, any photo ID, etc) and if you wear eyeglasses bring them with you. If you are under 18, a Parent/Guardian will need to come with you or you will need the Parent/Guardian Certification Form, signed and notarized.

What do you teach during the lesson?

We teach ANYTHING related to driving, for example, Basic in-car controls, Parallel Parking, turnings, Traffic signals & controls, Highway driving, but If you need to practice something specific, we can simply let the instructor know.

Where do you take us to practice?

We usually take you around your neighborhood or Fort Charlotte, or if you want to practice at a specific place let us know.

How do I pay? 

You can pay the same day of the service in Cash, to the office, Credit Card, or Check (To the instructor) Or If you wish to come to the office and make the payment, you’re more than welcome.

How many lessons do average people take? 

Average people take from 3 to 6 lessons but it totally depends on the person, you could take more or fewer lessons.

What car is used for driver training lessons? 

All depend on with car you are more comfortable in Left or right-hand wheel drive. Some cars are equipped with a dual brake and rearview mirror on the instructor’s side.

Are parents allowed to accompany the student during training?

Yes, parents or any adult are allowed to sit in the back quietly and just observe the lesson. However, children are not allowed to come along.

Are all instructors state-certified and background checked?

Absolutely! All instructors go through a rigorous process that includes an extensive background check, testing, and Police certification.

Can I use the ADS car for the driver’s license exam?

Yes, we have different packages available for the day of the exam.

Do I have to make an appointment to take driving lessons?

Yes, you need to make an appointment for driving lessons.

Will I get a confirmation?

Yes, The Office Team will be calling you a day before to confirm your appointment and the instructor will be calling you 30 minutes before he picks you up to inform you that he/she on the way.

Do you schedule the driver’s exam?

No, we don’t schedule the driving test. However, if you would like to use our service the day of your driving test by renting the car and getting practice right before your test, we are available.

Do I have to come to your office for lessons?

No, our instructors come to you, we offer to pick up and drop off from home, school or work; However, if you want to get picked up from our office that is also fine.